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fire box


SKY Firebox generates Hot Water due his Diesel Heater. It is fed even from a simple pump, the importance is a pressure of at least 15 bar. It is electrically powered and diesel heated.

Heats the cold water up to 150 ° C, which is essential where the hot water is needed for more effective cleaning, or for particular uses in agriculture, livestock, industries, swimming pools, etc.

The diesel pump is directly coupled to the fan through a joint. The heaters is manufactured in ITALY, are high performance and low power consumption. The values of gas emissions are lower than those required by Industrial regulations.

The structure of the heater is made of stainless steel on the outside and the tube used is 3/8". Cover in stainless steel and base in painted steel, supplied with 30 L fuel tank with level inserted in the structure.


Flame Control

Flow Switch, Level Switch, Pressure Switch

The Fuel Pump is directly connected to the fan through a Coupling

The Heaters are high performance and low fuel consumption

Minimum pressure 15 bar water supply

Hours counter, hours counter display and led alarm

Safety Valve

Electrical Box with Power Switch and Thermostat to regulate temperatures

Stainless Steel cover and base in Painted Steel

Technical Specifications

Max Bar Inlet Lt/ Min Fuel Tank Power Supply In - Out KW Kcal/h KG/H
250 15 30 230V AC M22 x 1,5 53.5 46.000 4.73
350 25 30 230V AC M22 x 1.5 105 90.000 9.30
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